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Company: Brooks Brothers
Range: TimberTop
Colour: Appalachians Oak Oiled
Thickness x Plank Width: 14mm x 190mm
Code: ANTAP14190
Finish: Oiled
Board Type: 1 Strip

“All wooden products are subject to colour variation. The samples seen are only an indication of colour and cannot be directly compared with the final product. Colours also vary across different batches so it is advised that a note is taken of the batch number located on the packaging of the wood. All wooden products are in need of Acclimatising and will require at least 3 days in the room that it is being fitted in to do so”

Company:                                   Brooks Brothers
Range:                                          TimberTop
Colour:                                         Appalachians Oak Oiled
Thickness x Plank Width:   14mm x 190mm
Code:                                             ANTAP14190
Finish:                                          Oiled
Board Type:                               1 Strip